If you're looking for a seasoned equipment finance executive that can tell you and, more importantly, show you how to run a successful company, a hands-on trainer who isn't afraid to get dirty, you've come to the right place.

Welcome, I'm Scott Powers.

I have been in the equipment finance industry for twenty years - all as an employee and stockholder with the same bank - the last decade as managing executive of a $300 million portfolio in a Monitor 100 company. Whatever the task is, I've done it! For those of you familiar with me and my former employer, you know we hit big numbers year after year.

I want to do what I do best: teach and motivate. I want to show you what I did to become successful and teach your staff how to do it. I won't just tell you what I think you need, I'll show you!

My Product

Take a tour through the Packages section and you'll see a menu of options - from beefing up your profitability to disaster recovery. I not only have hands-on experience in these areas, I've done well in them all!

Give me a call at 320-761-5534. Talk to me about your business. The office is always open!